I was referred to Ellen at an extremely difficult point in my life.  The anxiety in my life seemed unmanageable, out of control and I was feeling hopeless that this was becoming my new normal.  I had become reclusive and extremely unhappy.  Ellen helped diagnose the root cause of my anxiety and developed a plan to change my negative thought process including the way I reacted to my thoughts and anxiety.  It took some work and practice but was very effective.  In all sincerity, I can say I love my life and anxiety is rarely an issue anymore.  I truly couldn’t be happier.  Ellen helped me dig out of a deep hole and gave me the tools to love life again.  I honestly believe Ellen saved me and I am forever grateful.

  • A patient since November of 2000

I am very pleased with the care Ellen has provided to me.  Her care has assisted me in so many unnamed, unexpected parts of my life.  I trust her completely, she is stable and has great common sense.

Ellen has the ability to treat me holistically and she combines necessary medications along with her experience and training into a personalized plan which is altered as needed.  She is not afraid to make changes for me whenever I require it.

She has an excellent grasp for treating me as all the facets of my life impact my care.  Her background as an APRN is invaluable I believe.

Ellen is completely accessible even if she happens to be out of town.  Ellen is wise and devoted to her patients’ best interests.  She is flexible, compassionate, and creates a mood of positivity even when discussing complex issues.  Yay Ellen!

  • A patient since April of 2011